YOLO mobile app

A bucket list on steroids

Santa Cruz, United States March 2014 - May 2014

the story

YOLO aims to help people stay focused and motivated to achieve their life goals. This is achieved by allowing people to both add specific goals they want to achieve as well as allow people to discover interesting and engaging activities they may have never known or thought of. YOLO keeps a track of events and will provide discrete step by step instructions for users to achieve their goals. It can also take geo-location into account to trigger a notification to alert the user to goals or activities that are occurring nearby on a time sensitive nature.


Based on the concept map out a UX design, iterate with the stakeholders to tune that design.


  • Prepare a competitor analysis and a SWOT analysis.
  • Creating personas.
  • Identifying the touchpoints and create the experience map.
  • Drawing up use cases based on functions and features.
  • Detailing physical design: Data Flow, ERD, data dictionary.


Experience map

Use cases

Physical design: DFD, ERD

the tools

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign